21 Oct 2021


From 19 to 21 October 2021 LIFE Urban Adapt was visited by a delegation of colleagues from the Polish LIFE project LIFE Radom Klima. Both projects are concerned with climate adaptation in urban areas. The aim was to exchange knowledge and experiences.

After presentations of both projects we visited all subprojects of LIFE Urban Adapt. In the inner city area Johan Verlinde of Rotterdams Weerwoord told us all about water management in the Rain Garden and Heliport in ZoHo, we visited the water square and walked across the Hofbogen, where the experiences gained in ZoHo are being used.

A trip along the river tidal parks could not be missed. By water taxi we went to Keilehaven, where Florian Boer of De Urbanisten showed us around the model and designs. In Nassauhaven we visited the tidal bank and the floating houses. On the Eiland van Brienenoord, Esther Blom of ARK showed us how the island is being transformed into a nature-friendly tidal area, where the lessons learned from Nassauhaven are being applied. We concluded with a tour of the floating office of the Global Center on Adaptation in the Rijnhaven.

On the third day we visited our sister project LIFE@Urban Roofs: Paul van Roosmalen, program manager of multifunctional roofs, took us on an inspiring tour of various multifunctional roofs in Rotterdam.

The participants were impressed by the way Rotterdam uses the components and results of the two LIFE projects and incorporates them into its urban development plans. As a result, the projects do not remain isolated subprojects: they inspire climate-adaptive area development on a larger scale. The seven city projects apply the lessons learned from LIFE Urban Adapt and LIFE@Urban Roofs.

It was informative for both cities to discuss the similarities and differences between Rotterdam and Radom. Many ideas and suggestions were exchanged.

"It was really a fruitful experience for us and an unforgettable adventure at the same time - thanks to you we left Rotterdam very satisfied"

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