October 11, 2015

ZOHO: New water tile gives dry feet

On 29 September 2105, Wim Kuijken (Delta Commissioner), Henk Ovink (First Dutch Water Envoy), Paul van den Eijnden (Water Board) and Pex Langenberg (Alderman, among others, Sustainability) took the first Rain(a)way tile in the Rotterdam Zomerhofkwartier. laid in the Rain(a)way Garden Katshoek. This 100 meter long and 4 meter wide garden on Heer Bokelweg will reduce flooding in the neighborhood during peak showers. The Rain(a)way tile is a new concept by designer Fien Dekker and is used for the first time in the Rain(a)way Garden in Rotterdam designed by De Urbanisten. Click here for more information.

Paul van den Eijnden, water board of the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard water board, emphasizes the importance of collaboration: “We really need each other in Rotterdam to reduce the risk of flooding during extreme peak showers. I think it is important to apply new solutions. The Rain(a)way Garden is a good example of this, in addition to existing applications such as water-passing pavement and underground infiltration crates. All solutions together help to collect rainwater and allow it to slowly find its way into the ground. We can only keep our feet dry in the future by combining small-scale measures in the neighborhood with large-scale projects such as water plazas and extra surface water.”