June 19, 2023

Tidal park Keilehaven winner PROVADA Inspiration Award 2023!

The Inspiration Project Award is for a team or collaboration that looks at the impact of the project on sustainability, quality of life and the environment with a solid long-term vision.

The Award went to Keilehaven Rotterdam Tide Park, a development by the Urbanists, commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam. A city park combined with tides can be called quite unique. The delta and river as a new home base for kingfishers, foxes and Rotterdammers. Part of the M4H transformation of a (former) port and industrial area into a place to live, work and relax. Visible experience by rising and falling 1.5 meters of water twice a day. Creating biodiversity in a highly industrial area. A daring, and on all fronts an innovative, development of the municipality.

PROVADA is the largest national real estate fair in the Netherlands.


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