Climate change is visible in the city. Large puddles of rain remain in the street, gardens and cellars are under water. In a number of houses the dirty water comes back from the drain.

In ZoHo and the adjacent Agniesebuurt, LIFE Urban Adapt's collaboration focuses on greening, water collection and water infiltration. For example, we want to retain rainwater for longer and allow it to drain gradually to prevent sewer flooding. In addition, retaining the water in tiles and barrels lowers the average temperature and the excess water can be used at a later time to spray the greenery.

River banks

In the Rotterdam region, only 30 percent of the riverbanks consist of nature. The remaining part, almost 250 kilometers of inner-city riverbanks, consists of stones and buildings. We want to partially replace these concrete river borders with 'soft' banks that benefit the flora and fauna. Be in the Nieuwe Maas several tidal parks that will improve local ecosystems and biodiversity.