Rotterdam Life Urban Adapt


In collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat and the World Wildlife Fund, Rotterdam received a European subsidy within the 'LIFE' subsidy program for the demonstration of two innovative and sustainable projects that are intended to absorb climate change. The project is called 'Urban Adapt', because locations in the city have been selected where we will experiment with climate adaptation: the Zomerhofkwartier with the adjacent Agniesebuurt and the Nieuwe Maas.


Rotterdam Urban Nature in Open Rotterdam

August 4, 2023

Keilehavenpark The Urbanists have been commissioned to create a water park in the Keilehaven. The M4H area in Delfshaven is in full development. The harbor basin in the Keilehaven is being transformed into a tidal park. In the coming years, the river banks of the Nieuwe Waterweg and the Nieuwe Maas will be greened to provide space for tidal nature…

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Ecology Keilehaven

June 21, 2023

From our ecologist Madeleine den Hartog Last week, the Keilehaven project won the PROVADA award. In addition to sustainability and circularity, underwater nature is also an important element in this project. The first ecological baseline measurement that was carried out already showed a few interesting fish species such as flounder, eel, pike-perch and houting. The wooding is…

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Tidal park Keilehaven winner PROVADA Inspiration Award 2023!

June 19, 2023

The Inspiration Project Award is for a team or collaboration that looks at the impact of the project on sustainability, quality of life and the environment with a solid long-term vision. The Award went to Keilehaven Rotterdam Tide Park, a development by the Urbanists, commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam. A city park combined with tides is quite unique…

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Blueprint: lessons about the LIFE Urban Adapt sub-projects

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Heliport is green!

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