September 11, 2018

ZOHO: Your own facade garden

Creating a facade garden is fun, the street improves and your house stays cooler in the summer. A facade garden is a strip of plants against the facade of a house. Fa├žade gardens are especially suitable in streets where the houses do not have a front garden. A single climbing plant, hollyhock or sunflower makes the street scene cozier, but more is also possible. Less paving and paving stones means more chance that rainwater will sink into the ground and therefore not overload the sewer. In this way, everyone can contribute to making your street climate-proof.

Try to involve your neighbors when creating your facade garden. Perhaps you can inspire or encourage them to get started with greenery in the street. A whole green street is of course more beautiful than one facade garden. The area committee, district council or district committee could also help you help with a financial contribution.

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