28 February 2019

Rotterdam Reply - the urgency of climate adaptation

The Municipality of Rotterdam, the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard Water Board, the Hollandse Delta Water Board, the Delfland Water Board and Evides Water Company will continue to build a climate-proof Rotterdam in the coming years.

The municipality does this together with the residents, in the city, street and garden. On 22 February, five parties therefore signed a letter of intent. The aim is to arrive at implementation agreements this year on the basis of the municipal emergency document Rotterdams Weerword. That was determined this week by the Municipal Executive.

More extreme weather

As a city in the delta of the Netherlands with a declining soil, Rotterdam is vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. Climate adaptation, adapting Rotterdam to that change, is necessary. Because the consequences of more extreme weather affect everyone.

In order to tackle heavy rainfall, but also prolonged drought and heat, groundwater flooding and nuisance and subsidence, faster and more interventions are necessary in public areas and on private land. Taking measures now will reduce damage later. At the same time, flexibility is needed to be able to adjust the approach based on new insights. The Rotterdams Weerword focuses mainly on measures at neighborhood level.

Read more on the website of the municipality of Rotterdam

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