11 May 2017

MONITOR: Progress visit by NEEMO / LIFE

During the visit, the project progress was first presented, after which the project team gave guided tours of the project locations Mallegat and Nassauhaven, where natural banks are being built to improve the flora and fauna in the Nieuwe Maas while at the same time creating more environmental greenery for the inhabitants of the neighboring districts. .

After a delicious cup of coffee in café Man met Bril, a tour of the Zomerhofkwartier followed to discuss all the progress in the area. The RainAway garden was visited and the future location of the rain garden was visited. A visit was also made to Studio Bas Sala, where the smart water barrels and the ZOHO rainwater letters are designed. The successful monitoring visit to café Mono, in the heart of the Zomerhofkwartier, concluded.

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