June 15, 2022

European LIFE teams visiting

On June 9, 2022, we received a visit from the LIFE monitoring teams from Brussels. They were on a working visit to the Netherlands and also visited LIFE Urban Adapt and our sister project LIFE@Urban Roofs.

A nice program was put together for the group of 25 international employees. From the Regentuin we walked to Heliport, where the tireless initiator Diana Vergeer told her story. In an elevator pitch because of the time, but even then it is a success.

Across the Coolsingel to the Rooftop Walk, the temporary walk and exhibition about creative roof use with a 29.5 meter high footbridge over the Coolsingel. The aim was to allow a large audience to experience the potential of urban roofs for greenery, recreation, housing, energy and culture.

The closure was with the Water Taxi to Nassauhaven.

According to our monitor, it was a great success and everyone was impressed by our projects.


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