01 June 2022

Project visit LIFE

The annual project visit of the European monitor to LIFE Urban Adapt took place on 18 May to see how we spend our European subsidy money. Finally live again after 2 years online!

The tour started at Keilehaven in M4H, where a nature-friendly bank is being constructed, with a beautiful presentation by Marit Janse of the Urbanists about the design. Then by water taxi to Nassauhaven where a nature-friendly bank has already been constructed, and there we could even admire a breeding swan. Our ecologists explained in detail about the biodiversity and how we monitored the area after construction. Because we always want to show the bigger picture, we have circumnavigated the Island of Brienoord so that you can clearly see the different types of banks, and to show that they are not isolated projects, but part of a larger whole.
After lunch on to ZoHo: the Agniesebuurt. In Heliport, Diana Vergeer, as the initiator, told the residents how the beautiful climate-adaptive courtyard was created. And how much togetherness it has brought. In the rain garden near the ZoHo letters we were able to take another look at the greening and water collection. The newly renovated Vijverhofstraat has used an innovative technique for flooding: aquaflow, a system that replaces the sewer system and slowly lowers the rainwater into the ground. The Hofbogen are disconnected from it so that that water is also collected. A visit to the Hofbogenpark and the water square almost closed the afternoon… Except for a nice dinner!

The monitor was impressed with how Rotterdam approaches climate-adaptive measures. By always looking at the bigger picture, trying things out and learning lessons from it.

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