October 30, 2020

Work on the Vijverhofstraat sewer has started

Work on Vijverhofstraat has started. The sewage system will be replaced and a rainwater sewer and a water storage system will also be installed.

Better water management in the Agniesebuurt

The Agniesebuurt was struggling with a groundwater problem. To tackle this for the entire neighborhood, a plan has been developed for better water management. The sewage system will be replaced and a rainwater sewer will be installed. As a result, the clean rainwater is collected separately from the sewage water.

A water storage system is being installed above the sewerage system. This system ensures that the groundwater level remains stable.

The sewerage works will be combined with works for pipelines, repaving the street and sidewalk and new planting.

Rain garden

The Rain garden: a green oasis with rain barrels holding rainwater catch. The rainwater that falls in the garden and on the roof of the Hofbogen is collected in a recessed area in the garden, creating a temporary pond. Thanks to the greenery, the water can then slowly sink into the ground. Part of the rain from the Hofbogen roof is also collected in smart rain barrels in the form of the letters ZOHO. The water in the rain barrels is released to the garden with a delay in dry times.


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