October 26, 2021

Climate-proof courtyard Heliport

Residents living near the petrified Heliport courtyard made a plan to make the square partly greener. This plan was the impetus for a collaboration between residents, the municipality and the water board to tackle the entire square. The new square is now greener and climate-proof: more resistant to prolonged, heavy rain and extreme heat.

Climate proof
The courtyard has become a climate-proof square. Stones have been replaced by different types of greenery and flowers, totaling 495 square meters. This provides cooling on hot days and retains water when it rains. Rainwater that falls on roofs and the square flows through the channel in the road surface to the newly constructed clean water sewer. This sewer leads the water to the Karnemelkshaven, the water that flows around and through the complex.

The playground equipment on the square is made of previously used wood. There is also a 'worm hotel' on the site. Here organic waste is converted into compost. This in turn will be used for green maintenance in the courtyard.

The project was made possible financially by the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard Water Board, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the LIFE Urban Adapt subsidy. LIFE's aim is to support innovative projects that fit in with European nature, environment and climate policy.


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