01 Nov 2017

ZOHO: Rain barrels of all kinds

In October 2017, the actual construction of the barrels began, which will be placed near the rain garden in December of that year. Interested in the building and construction process, take a look at the Twitter of Study Bas Sala. In addition to this large public water storage capacity, the first smaller smart water barrels have also been placed on Ammersooiseplein as part of LIFE Urban-Adapt. The rain barrels can be emptied remotely, so that the water can be infiltrated in a controlled manner. This also offers the option of emptying all the barrels before a major storm so that the storage capacity of a district is maximum at times when this is of great importance. In the coming years, the Zomerhofkwartier will work together with residents to increase the storage capacity by installing a network of smart rain barrels in both private and public spaces.

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