Rainaway Garden

A Rain(a)Way living lab has been realized on the edge of ZoHo. This testing ground is a showcase in which 10 variants of the Rain(a)Way tile by Fien Dekker are tested. The pilot as a whole is set up as a long strip along the Katshoek building. The 10 Rain(a)Way spaces are interrupted by green strips.

Where previously there were only gray concrete tiles, a beautiful place has now formed, where there is room for innovation and where rain is central. The rainwater can now infiltrate into the ground.

NEWS ABOUT Rainaway Garden

ZOHO: New water tile gives dry feet

October 11, 2015

On 29 September 2105, Wim Kuijken (Delta Commissioner), Henk Ovink (Netherlands first Water Envoy), Paul van den Eijnden (Water Board) and Pex Langenberg (Alderman ao Sustainability) were present in the Rotterdam Zomerhofkwartier. laid in the Rain(a)way Garden Katshoek. This 100 meter long and 4 meter wide garden on the Heer Bokelweg will…