Smart rain barrels

Part of the rainwater from the roof of the Hofbogen is collected in the ZOHO letters. These letters work like rain barrels. The rainwater is directed to the letters and thus does not enter the sewer. The smart system in the letters looks at the weather forecast via the internet. When a heavy shower arrives, it releases its water into the surrounding garden. In this way it creates buffer space for the coming rain shower. During long periods of drought, it retains water to supply the surrounding greenery with water. The system works on solar energy. The 'rain letters' are a water buffer and area marker in one. The design is by Studio Bas Sala. The production was carried out in collaboration with Wijkcoöperatie Rotterdam Noord and volunteers from Rotterdam Noord. So it is locally developed and built.

NEWS ABOUT Smart rain barrels

ZOHO: smart rain barrels have been installed

11 January 2018

We are dealing with increasingly extreme weather. Longer periods of drought alternate with large amounts of rain in a short time. The ZOHO rain letters designed by Studio Bas Sala contribute to the solution for this nuisance. They are rainwater buffer and area marking in one. The rainwater from the roof of the Hofbogen is led to the letters…

Regenton ZOHO. Ontwerp: Studio Bas Sala

ZOHO: Rain barrels of all kinds

November 1, 2017

In October 2017, the actual construction of the barrels began, which will be placed near the rain garden in December of that year. Interested in the building and construction process, take a look at Studi Bas Sala's Twitter. In addition to this large public water storage capacity, the first smaller smart water barrels have also been placed on…