02 July 2019

TIDES PARK: Oever Nassauhaven ready

The Nassauhaven is transformed into a place with floating houses and a nature-friendly bank. The bank will be completed on 3 July and the mooring posts will be driven for eighteen Havenlofts. This festive moment is celebrated with residents from the neighborhood and the future residents of the Havenlofts.

Wet and dry feet
To get more nature in the Nassauhaven, a tidal bank has been constructed on a gently sloping bank. The plants can withstand the alternation of drought and wetness and brackish water. The first part of the bank was constructed last year. The plants took off well and now the rest of the bank has also been planted. The shore provides more variety in plants and animals. Moreover, it makes the living environment greener and more attractive.

River banks
Tidal bank Nassauhaven is part of the program River banks 2019-2022. With this, Rotterdam will invest in an attractive Nieuwe Maas en Rotte in the coming years. The aim is for more and more Rotterdam residents to recreate along the rivers. The tidal bank is also part of River as a tidal park. In this program, more than 15 organizations work together on tidal parks and banks in the region. Tidal bank of Nassauhaven is made possible by, among other things, a LIFE subsidy from the European Union.

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