October 10, 2019

Sharing knowledge: study visit World Bank

As part of a World Bank study tour with the theme 'Nature Based Solutions', a delegation of different nationalities visited a few projects in Rotterdam.

The delegation consisted of government officials from Albania, Georgia, Ghana, Liberia, Romania and World Bank representatives working on various WB coastal programs, such as the West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program (WACA).

The delegation wanted to get to know the Dutch water sector to learn from their work and experiences. The delegation was particularly interested in:

  • Nature-based Solutions as a basis against flooding in coastal and river areas.
  • The integration of 'Nature based Solutions' in spatial planning, design and mapping coastal changes
  • Nature-based solutions in the urban context.

The focus on these topics is both on technical solutions, as well as governance and monitoring. After a short introduction at the office of the municipality of Rotterdam, the delegation visited the Nassauhaven and the tidal park. The representatives were interested in both the technical aspects of the construction of a tidal park and the extensive cooperation with partners.

“Getting the topic on the agenda and working with partners to reap mutual benefits is something we can work on in Liberia. Very interesting to learn more about Rotterdam's approach, ”said a delegate from Liberia.

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