April 15, 2020

First floating homes in Nassauhaven

April 15, six Havenlofts were placed in the Nassauhaven. They are the first six water houses of the eighteen that will be in the Nassauhaven in total this year. The floating houses in the harbor are extra special because they move with the ebb and flow. That means a difference of 1.5 to 2 meters twice a day.

Sustainable water houses

The water houses are built sustainably: with solar panels and heating via a biomass installation. They also have their own water purification system, so they do not have to be connected to the sewerage system.

On a nature-friendly bank

The water houses are located on a nature-friendly tidal bank, which was built last year. The shore provides more variety in plants and animals. Moreover, it makes the living environment greener and more attractive. Tidal bank of Nassauhaven is made possible by, among other things, a LIFE subsidy from the European Union.

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