The sewerage system in Vijverhofstraat will be replaced. The clean rainwater is collected separately from the sewage water. In heavy rain showers, which are becoming more frequent, this is not yet sufficient to drain all the water quickly. That is why a water storage system is being constructed in the road above the sewerage system. This allows rainwater to be collected and then discharged at a delayed rate. 

New green areas are being created on various street corners. They provide space for water storage and provide safer crossings. 9 parking spaces will be removed for this. 25 new trees will be planted.

NEWS ABOUT Vijverhofstraat

Project visit LIFE

June 1, 2022

The annual project visit of the European monitor to LIFE Urban Adapt took place on 18 May to see how we spend our European subsidy money. Finally live again after 2 years online! The tour started at Keilehaven in M4H, where a nature-friendly bank is being constructed, with a beautiful presentation by Marit Janse van…

Vijverhofstraat is climate adaptive

October 25, 2021

With the changing weather, extreme amounts of rain fall more often in a short period of time. This is already happening and will become more common in the future. With such heavy rain, the sewage system cannot immediately process the large amount of water. This leads to nuisance, such as puddles of water on the street and damage to buildings. That is why Vijverhofstraat…

Climate adaptation in sewerage plan for the municipality of Rotterdam

April 2, 2021

The new sewerage plan of the Municipality of Rotterdam has the following theme: 'from pipe to outdoor space'. “It means that we set up the outside in such a way that we can process precipitation without flooding,” explains Michel Bunt, water and sewerage advisor at the Municipality of Rotterdam. “A combination in which we keep our feet dry with all kinds of measures. With an important role…

Vijverhofstraat, Agniesebuurt

Work on the Vijverhofstraat sewer has started

October 30, 2020

The work in the Vijverhofstraat has started. The sewer system will be replaced and a rainwater sewer and a water storage system will also be installed. Better water management in the Agniesebuurt The Agniesebuurt was struggling with a groundwater problem. To tackle this for the entire district, a plan has been developed for better water management. The sewage system is being replaced and…


ZOHO: Separated sky water system for Vijverhofstraat

December 11, 2016

One of the solutions that will be applied to make the neighborhood climate-adaptive is the decoupling of the sewer and the rainwater drainage system. This will start in the Vijverhofstraat. A development plan procedure has been started for the decoupling of both systems, which will run for at least 1.5 years. This initiative is part of the LIFE…