Rain garden

Rainwater could not properly sink into the ground in the former stony parking lot. The water flows directly into the sewer. That cannot handle the amount of water. Result: puddles on the street and sewage in houses and canals. 

The rain garden now forms a green oasis in the densely built Zomerhof quarter. Rain that falls on the sidewalk, in the garden and on the roof of the Hofbogen flows to the greenery and to a sunken part of the garden. This is a kind of temporary pond, a WADI (Water Drainage Drainage Infiltration). The water then slowly sinks into the ground through the bottom of the garden.

NEWS ABOUT Rain Garden

European LIFE teams visiting

June 15, 2022

On June 9, 2022, we received a visit from the LIFE monitoring teams from Brussels. They were on a working visit to the Netherlands and also visited LIFE Urban Adapt and our sister project LIFE@Urban Roofs. A nice program was put together for the group of 25 international employees. From the Regengarden we walked to Heliport where the tireless…

Project visit LIFE

June 1, 2022

The annual project visit of the European monitor to LIFE Urban Adapt took place on 18 May to see how we spend our European subsidy money. Finally live again after 2 years online! The tour started at Keilehaven in M4H, where a nature-friendly bank is being constructed, with a beautiful presentation by Marit Janse van…

VIDEO: preparing for a more extreme climate

11 January 2019

More parks, water storage facilities and water squares. Rotterdam is working hard to make the city climate-proof and rainproof. That way the streets don't overflow and we don't get wet feet. Rotterdammers can also contribute to this, for example by removing a tile in the garden and replacing it with greenery. The new Deltaplan climate adaptation…

ZOHO: The rain garden works!

April 16, 2018

How does the rain garden work? The rain garden forms a green oasis in a stony area. In order to relieve the sewer system in this densely built-up area, rainwater is collected in the rain garden and drained off at a slow pace. The rainwater that falls in the garden and on the roof of the Hofbogen is collected in a sunken part in the garden…

ZOHO: Start construction rain garden

September 1, 2017

Due to climate change, it is raining more and more often and harder. This causes unnecessary nuisance in many neighborhoods because the sewers often overflow and therefore requires creative, new solutions that put less strain on the sewer. A common solution is separating the waste and rainwater system, but that probably does not solve the problems. In ZOHO…

ZOHO: Design rain garden ready

11 August 2017

If everything goes according to plan, the residents of the Zomerhofkwartier will be able to enjoy this extra piece of greenery in the center of Rotterdam at the beginning of 2018. The rain garden is part of the LIFE URBAN ADAPT project and the area approach for the Agniesebuurt.

KNOWLEDGE SHARING: Antwerp visits Rotterdam

June 20, 2017

The delegation visited a large number of the Rotterdam climate adaptation projects, with a strong emphasis on the social component of climate adaptation projects. Flooding can only be solved in the future if all parties involved work together to arrive at an optimal solution. Public-private partnership is a spearhead at both demonstration locations…