River as a tidal park

At the riverbanks, the 'The River as a tidal park' program is used as a guideline on how to arrive at a good design together with various stakeholders and their interests. These stakeholders have a common interest in maintaining and developing the river in a nature-friendly way and want to restore tidal nature.

Together with residents, entrepreneurs, social partners and representatives of other authorities, a program has been developed and implemented to make more and better use of the power and possibilities of the river.
Lessons from the already realized Nassauhaven will be used, and the results and approach will be shared with Europe.

NEWS ABOUT River as a tidal park

Rotterdam Urban Nature in Open Rotterdam

August 4, 2023

Keilehavenpark The Urbanists have been commissioned to create a water park in the Keilehaven. The M4H area in Delfshaven is in full development. The harbor basin in the Keilehaven is being transformed into a tidal park. In the coming years, the river banks of the Nieuwe Waterweg and the Nieuwe Maas will be greened to provide space for tidal nature…

Ecology Keilehaven

June 21, 2023

From our ecologist Madeleine den Hartog Last week, the Keilehaven project won the PROVADA award. In addition to sustainability and circularity, underwater nature is also an important element in this project. The first ecological baseline measurement that was carried out already showed a few interesting fish species such as flounder, eel, pike-perch and houting. The wooding is…

Ontwerp Keilehaven, de Urbanisten

Tidal park Keilehaven winner PROVADA Inspiration Award 2023!

June 19, 2023

The Inspiration Project Award is for a team or collaboration that looks at the impact of the project on sustainability, quality of life and the environment with a solid long-term vision. The Award went to Keilehaven Rotterdam Tide Park, a development by the Urbanists, commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam. A city park combined with tides is quite unique…

Urban Land Institute case study with Nassauhaven and Heliport

May 1, 2023

The Urban Land Institute has published a study on waterfront parks, which includes Nassauhaven and Heliport. Parks that protect highlights pioneering waterfront park projects designed to protect their neighborhoods from climate threats while improving residents' health and quality of life. In communities all over…

Knowledge exchange LIFE CLIMCOOP

May 1, 2023

On April 25, we received a visit from the LIFE-CLIMCOOP project from Hungary. They visited the LIFE Urban Adapt and LIFE@Urban Roofs projects in Rotterdam for knowledge exchange and to learn from each other. The overall goal of the LIFE-CLIMCOOP project is to develop, test and demonstrate collective actions between a city government and a multinational to…

Keilehaven monitoring plan and zero measurement

January 9, 2023

The new tidal park to be constructed in the Keilehaven is expected to make a positive contribution to the WFD (Water Framework Directive) targets. Long-term monitoring is carried out to get a picture of the ecological quality in the Keilehaven. The baseline measurement was done in 2022. The main species groups monitored are fish and macrofauna, and the…

Ontwerp Keilehaven, de Urbanisten

Keilehaven second phase

January 9, 2023

The second phase of the work at Keilehaven has started. Sand is applied for the tidal steps and (underwater) terraces, creating shallows. This eventually creates a new underwater nature. This phase is expected to be completed in September 2023. After that, the soil has to settle for six months, after which the last phase is carried out, the planting of…

Project visit LIFE

June 1, 2022

The annual project visit of the European monitor to LIFE Urban Adapt took place on 18 May to see how we spend our European subsidy money. Finally live again after 2 years online! The tour started at Keilehaven in M4H, where a nature-friendly bank is being constructed, with a beautiful presentation by Marit Janse van…

Nassauhaven monitoring completed

February 3, 2022

The Nieuwe Maas crosses the urban area of Rotterdam and is part of the port area. Most banks of the Nieuwe Maas are paved and functionally furnished. As a result, the ecological value of the banks is limited. The municipality of Rotterdam and its partners Rijkswaterstaat and the province of South Holland want to increase the ecological value of…

Keilehaven first phase completed

January 6, 2022

In December 2021, the first phase of the construction of the river tidal park in the Keilehaven will be completed. Not much can be seen of it yet: the harbor has been 'shallowed'. The ground must now rest for six months, after which the real construction can begin. The second phase is planned for October 2022. The Keilehaven will…