River as a tidal park

At the riverbanks, the 'The River as a tidal park' program is used as a guideline on how to arrive at a good design together with various stakeholders and their interests. These stakeholders have a common interest in maintaining and developing the river in a nature-friendly way and want to restore tidal nature.

Together with residents, entrepreneurs, social partners and representatives of other authorities, a program has been developed and implemented to make more and better use of the power and possibilities of the river.
Lessons from the already realized Nassauhaven will be used, and the results and approach will be shared with Europe.

NEWS ABOUT River as a tidal park

TIDES PARK: Oever Nassauhaven ready

July 2, 2019

The Nassauhaven is turning into a place with floating homes and a nature-friendly bank. The bank will be ready on 3 July and the mooring posts will be driven for eighteen Havenlofts. This festive moment is celebrated with residents from the neighborhood and the future residents of the Havenlofts. Wet and dry feet To get more nature in…

TIDES PARK: Nomination for 'river as a tidal park' program

January 24, 2016

The program 'River as a tidal park' has been nominated for the project call for proposals 'The Living Environment of the Future'. The request for the Living Environment of the Future is organized by the Deltametropool Association, BNSP, VNO-NCW West, IenM, NVTL and NL Engineers together with the organization of the Year of the Space. In addition to the 'River as a tidal park' programme, the 'Green…

VIDEO: Start program 'river as tidal park'

March 18, 2015

Collaboration between 10 partners confirmed. Watch the video here.