The Nassauhaven has changed from an unused harbor basin into a place with water houses and a nature-friendly bank. This bank borders the existing Nassauhaven Park and has been laid out in steps, so that plants can grow. The banks provide more variety in animals and plants. And makes the living environment even greener. The development of a tidal bank in a former harbor basin is unique in the Netherlands.
The first street with sustainable water houses was completed at the end of 2020. In total there are 18 harbor lofts. The floating homes are sustainable and move with the tide.

The nature-friendly bank is constructed in brackish water. Quite a challenge, because not all plants and animals can grow or live here. We will be conducting research up to and including 2022 to monitor developments. If there is more variation in fish, aquatic and shore plants (vegetation) and insect-like aquatic animals (macrofauna), this means that the quality of the water will improve enormously.

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NEWS ABOUT Nassauhaven

Urban Land Institute case study with Nassauhaven and Heliport

May 1, 2023

The Urban Land Institute has published a study on waterfront parks, which includes Nassauhaven and Heliport. Parks that protect highlights pioneering waterfront park projects designed to protect their neighborhoods from climate threats while improving residents' health and quality of life. In communities all over…

European LIFE teams visiting

June 15, 2022

On June 9, 2022, we received a visit from the LIFE monitoring teams from Brussels. They were on a working visit to the Netherlands and also visited LIFE Urban Adapt and our sister project LIFE@Urban Roofs. A nice program was put together for the group of 25 international employees. From the Regengarden we walked to Heliport where the tireless…

Project visit LIFE

June 1, 2022

The annual project visit of the European monitor to LIFE Urban Adapt took place on 18 May to see how we spend our European subsidy money. Finally live again after 2 years online! The tour started at Keilehaven in M4H, where a nature-friendly bank is being constructed, with a beautiful presentation by Marit Janse van…

Nassauhaven monitoring completed

February 3, 2022

The Nieuwe Maas crosses the urban area of Rotterdam and is part of the port area. Most banks of the Nieuwe Maas are paved and functionally furnished. As a result, the ecological value of the banks is limited. The municipality of Rotterdam and its partners Rijkswaterstaat and the province of South Holland want to increase the ecological value of…

Video: first street with sustainable water houses in the Nassauhaven

9 July 2020

The first street with sustainable water houses is a fact! On 8 July, six new harbor lofts were towed to the Nassau harbor. In April, the first six harbor lofts were towed to the harbor. In total there will be 18 harbor lofts. The last homes are expected at the end of 2020. The water houses are sustainable and move with them…

First floating homes in Nassauhaven

April 15, 2020

On 15 April, six Havenlofts were placed in the Nassauhaven. These are the first six water houses of the eighteen that will be in the Nassauhaven in total this year. The floating houses in the harbor are extra special because they move with the ebb and flow. That means a difference of 1.5 to 2 meters twice a day.…

Sharing knowledge: study visit World Bank

October 10, 2019

As part of a World Bank study tour with the theme 'Nature Based Solutions', a delegation of different nationalities visited a few projects in Rotterdam. The delegation consisted of government officials from Albania, Georgia, Ghana, Liberia, Romania and representatives of the World Bank working on various WB coastal programs such as the West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program…

TIDES PARK: Oever Nassauhaven ready

July 2, 2019

The Nassauhaven is turning into a place with floating homes and a nature-friendly bank. The bank will be ready on 3 July and the mooring posts will be driven for eighteen Havenlofts. This festive moment is celebrated with residents from the neighborhood and the future residents of the Havenlofts. Wet and dry feet To get more nature in…

Last plants natural shore Nassauhaven

April 24, 2019

At the beginning of this summer, the last plants will be planted in the natural-friendly bank. The previously placed planting was applied in 2018 on the part between the two bridges. All plants that can withstand the effects of ebb and flow and brackish water. Under the supervision of the municipal urban ecologist, it has been found that these plants are taking off well.…

TIDES PARK: The Eel is back

11 August 2018

Nature with special plants and animals that live in and near the Nieuwe Maas and show the significance of the delta, where the river meets the sea. The effect of ebb and flow creates tidal nature along the riverbank with animals and plants that go with it. River as Tidal Park Rotterdammers want to…